4 Fun Night Home Activities With Your Family

You may not consider fun night activities with your family as essential, especially if you’re always around spending your days with your kids.  However, during the day, you’re too busy doing the household chores and errands, and you don’t really spend much time establishing family ties and creating fond memories with your kids that will last for a lifetime.

Here are fun night activities with your family that you will cherish. “The memories we make with our family is everything.” –Candace Cameron Bure

1. Family Bible Study

Family Bible study could be fun with your little children through engaging rhymes and colorful illustrations found in Big Prayers for Little Kids. This book will help your children learn about God’s love in a very simple, loving and delightful way. And you’ll be surprised with the responses of your kids afterward.  Follow your Bible Study with a bowl of popcorn and fun pizza you and your kids will surely enjoy.

2.  Arts and Crafts

Art and craft session is a wonderful and fun way to discover and nurture the artistic and creative spirit in you and your children. There are inexpensive art and craft supplies you can buy online to get started and allow your artistic juices flowing. If you have older children, learn Bible journaling together, it is one of the most popular ways to connect your faith with your creativity.

3.  Board Games

If you have younger kids, you might want to pick simple jigsaw puzzles like the Love of Jesus, 6-in-1 Puzzle Bible that isn’t just enjoyable for them, but offers a unique possibility to introduce children to six of Jesus’ miracles, piece by piece, puzzle by puzzle.  And see how the love of Jesus was manifested throughout His life in just one glimpse when the puzzle is completed.  Or if you have older children you can play board games like Monopoly, Domino, Chess, Scrabble, etc.  Let everybody choose one and play with them.

4. Dinner Preparation

 Cooking together with your kids isn’t just fun, but there are so many lessons and skills you can teach them like counting, measurement and reading. Dinner preparation with your kids offers you an opportunity to teach your children a healthy lifestyle and passing down recipes to the next generations.

Spending fun nights with your family is a great opportunity to connect, to love, to laugh, to refresh and to discover and learn new things together after a daily grind.