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5 Pregnancy Tips for Your Child’s Brain Development

You formed my innermost being, shaping my delicate inside and my intricate outside, and you wove them all together in my mother’s womb.  – Psalm 139:13

We thank and praise the Lord for the gift of life in your womb. The Lord has blessed you to become a mother. You are a mother the moment you conceive and it is natural to give the best to your children. When you are pregnant, you take good care of yourself for your baby. You eat and live healthy. But aside from the healthy lifestyle that you are doing for your baby’s sake, in this article we will give 5 pregnancy tips for your baby’s brain development.

Better Environment

You have all the control in your baby’s environment while he is still within your body. Prepare a good environment for your baby by limiting your exposure to potentially dangerous chemicals. Exposure to these potentially dangerous chemicals like cleaning products, paint, medications, alcohol and cigarette smoke can lead to problems in the baby’s brain function.

Exercise Properly

Exercise is important, but do not do it excessively. Do gentle but stimulating exercise like swimming and yoga, which are known and best exercise for pregnant women. Exercising increases your blood flow as well as your baby’s. It stimulates your baby’s growth. Make sure that you are not overdoing it and check with your physician the recommended exercise for you.

Stay Hydrated

Drink enough and make sure that your drinking source is safe. Aside from the water that you are drinking, there are many sources to keep you hydrated like fruits and vegetables. Staying hydrated will help prevent UTI, constipation, fatigue. Water also helps with the delivery of the nutrients that you are taking to your baby. As they say, “Water is life”, and this is even more true when you are pregnant.

Balance and Healthy Diet

Do you have any cravings while you are pregnant? Then, you might have some mineral and vitamin deficiencies. But don’t let those cravings, let you eat unhealthy foods like processed foods that may contain toxins that you should avoid. Give your child natural minerals and vitamins by consuming fruits and vegetables. If you are craving something sweet, think again and choose carefully what to eat. Check if your cravings have nutritional value and if none, then drop it. Eat foods that are high in DHA like salmon, tuna and mackerel. DHA is known to have an essential role in your baby’s brain development. Remember to only eat foods that can contribute to your baby’s growth and brain development.

Brain Stimulating Activities

And last, but of course not the least is to provide brain stimulating activities for your baby. Listen to Christian music, classical, jazz or instrumental music for your child’s brain development. You can also read to them story books for children like Bible story books. This will not just enhance your baby’s brain development, but it will also help you to introduce Christ in your baby even if the child is still in your womb. Don’t also forget the power and influence of your words. Always talk and interact with your baby. You can also engage your husband with some brain stimulating activities for baby by letting him read books and talking with your baby as well. Your words bring wonders to your child’s brain development.

The best way to make sure that your baby is healthy is by keeping yourself healthy. And that’s the easiest way to do.