Make Your Daily Life a Godly Teachable Moments

Make Your Daily Life a Godly Teachable Moments

How can things in everyday life be used to teach kids about God? So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. — 1 Corinthians 10:31

God is present everywhere and in every moment of our lives. We need to teach our children to honor and learn to think about Him all the time. As parents, we can make our everyday lives, our simple everyday living and transform it into Godly teachable moments for our kids.

Teachable moments happen even when the day seems so ordinary. Here are the 4 everyday simple scenarios that you can turn into Godly teachable moments:

Saying “I’m Sorry”

If your kids see you apologizing to your spouse or to anyone whenever you’ve done wrong, then take this as a teachable moment. A simple but sincere, “I’m sorry” teaches the kids that we always need forgiveness as we are not perfect. Tell them that, “Nobody is perfect except God” and that we always need to seek for God’s forgiveness.

Listening to Christian Music

Whenever you have the chance to play Christian Music with your kids, whether on the way to their school or in the morning while having breakfast,  then listen to it. As much as possible, listen exclusively to Christian music, so, you will not worry with offensive lyrics. Listening to Christian Music, gives the opportunity to teach your kids that whatever they do, it must always give praise to the Lord. Take this as a chance to tell them that they need to surround their minds and hearts with God throughout the day since He is the first priority in our lives. Let be praising Him be part of their daily lives.

Having a Grateful Heart

One way that they can show gratitude to the Lord is by simply finishing and not wasting their food. Instead of just explaining to them that it is bad to waste food tell them that God wants us to be grateful for everything and finishing all that is in their plate is one way of showing gratitude to the Lord.

Caring for His Creations

Rather than simply teaching them about general respect for the earth, take this chance to tell them that God created everything and we are the caretakers. Teach them that God had given us the responsibility to take good care of His creation, and we will do it because we love Him. 

Our children observe and learn from our actions, behaviors and words. Every little action we take aspire them to be just like us. Let our children see Christ in our daily lives.