5 Ways to Minimize Gadget Use in Children

5 Ways to Minimize Gadget Use in Children

Our sons and daughters are reward from the Lord. Infact, it is affirmed in Psalm 127:3 that, “Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him.” As parents, we are only stewards of our children, so, we must be a good steward.

Technology plays a major role in today’s world. Indeed, this is true, even in parenting. Most of the children, nowadays, act as if gadgets such as iPad or Tablet are an extension of their hand. It has become an essential part of their daily life. The main reason, why children resort to gadget use is because most parents rely on gadgets to comfort their children like when they are crying which makes them believe that technology is the solution.

As parents in this digital age, we have the biggest responsibility to control and discipline our children with gadget use. To help you, here are the 5 Tips to get going:

1. Be a Good Example

“In everything set them an example by doing what is good…” Titus 2:7

Lead your children in the proper use of gadgets by setting a good example. Teach them to use gadgets in appropriate manner and for positive things. Let your children see that you are using your gadgets at the appropriate matter, place and time. Remember that, what our children will see they will do.

2. Set a Schedule

Create a healthy and proper schedule for gadget usage. Time spent on gadgets must be limited with maximum 2 hours screen time only as advised by experts. Discuss with them time and day when they are allowed to use gadgets. You can set schedule like on weekends for a maximum of 2 hours.

3. Supervise Playtime with Gadgets

Always supervise your children’s playtime with their gadgets. Discourage use of gadgets in their bedroom, instead, it must be done where you can see them like in the living room. You can also play and watch with them. Make sure that the games they are playing and videos they are watching are age-appropriate. Ask them what are the videos or games that make them interested. Always communicate with them as this is very important in their development. 

4. Create a Gadget-Free Schedule

Set a time slot for gadget-free like when eating, when playing with friends and when in public places. You can also designate areas in your home as “technology-free zones” where the use of gadgets and internet access is not allowed. This will help them develop self-control, thus preventing them from gadget addiction.

5. Encourage Gadget-Free Activities

There are many fun activities that your kids will surely love instead of just resorting to gadget use when they are bored. Buy them coloring books, riddle, crossword puzzles and reading materials such as Bible story books which can also help them with their spiritual growth. If they are into singing, dancing or swimming, might as well enroll them into those classes. They will meet new friends while developing their skills and talents. Let them know that there are more fun gadget-free activities that you can do together that will make a better bond.

Technology has many benefits with the growth and development of children, especially in learning. We just have to make sure that we are teaching and guiding our children the proper use of gadgets and technology.