Celebrating Labor Day

Celebrating Labor Day

Celebrating Labor Day

The USA celebrates Labor Day every first Monday of September to honor the American workers who have contributed to the strength and prosperity of our country.  Labor Day also marks the unofficial end of the summer season and the beginning of back to school session.  Thus, many families give one last hurrah for the summer before the new school year begins.

Here are simple ways to celebrate and enjoy Labor Day.

  1. Appreciate a worker

We celebrate Labor Day to honor our fellow American workers. So try to appreciate a worker in your area who makes your life much easier.  For instance, surprise your mailman with a simple token of appreciation like Water Bottle-To Go-Stay in Prayer (21 Oz) or bake some homemade cookies, put it in a trinket tray and deliver them at your local police or fire station.

  1. Throw a back to school party

With school just about to start, you can host a simple back to school party that your children will surely enjoy and will help them look forward to the year.  Serve food like freshly baked muffins or apple pie in a serving tray, milk or juice in cartons, candies, etc.  Have some schoolyard games like Hopscotch, “Mother, May I” and Simon Says. At the end of the party offer some school items like pencils, markers, crayons and notepads.

  1. Have a movie marathon

If you just want to relax at home, get pillows and blankets and prepare classic movie snacks like popcorn to bring the theater to your living room.

  1. Learn new recipes

More often, the kitchen is a wonderful place to spend quality time with your children. Cooking is a wonderful bonding experience for the whole family and it gives everyone an opportunity to create new things and learn new recipes.  Enlist your kids to help you with food preparation and help them learn the proper use of kitchen tools like bamboo cutting board, knives, mixing bowls, large & small spatula, etc.

  1. Volunteer

Teach our children the value of care and concerns for others – make volunteering a family affair (let your kids choose the organizations they like to serve). Visit a senior center, a hospital, an orphanage or any other local organization in your area and enjoy cheering up someone’s day.

  1. Attend sporting events

Going to a sporting event with your family is another way to enjoy Labor Day.  Check your local favorite sports team to see if they have schedule over the long weekend.

  1. Parade and fireworks

Participate or watch some traditional community activities like a Labor Day parade and an evening fireworks display.

There are so many different ways to celebrate Labor Day, let’s enjoy the fruits of our labor!