10 Back- to-School Hacks for Parents

10 Back To School Hacks For Parents

10 Back- to-School Hacks for Parents

Summer is almost over and school days will soon be back.  The enjoyment of unstructured time of the long summer days is winding down and going back to school is always a big transition for children and parents alike. Many of us are thinking how we can prepare for school.

Here are 10 back-to- school hacks to get you and your kids ready to school.

  1. Enjoy school shopping

Enjoy school shopping with your children and allow them to make their own choices.  Our kids love to choose their own school outfit, school supplies, bags, shoes, lunch box, water bottle, etc.

  1. Celebrate back to school

You can host a simple back to school party that your kids will surely enjoy and will help them look forward to the year.  Serve food like freshly baked muffins or apple pie in this awesome Serving Tray-Welcome, milk or juice in cartons, candies in this adorable Trinket Tray-Some Bunny Loves You, etc.  Have some schoolyard games like tag, foursquare, Hopscotch, “Mother, May I” and Simon Says. At the end of the party, give each kid a few school supplies like notepads, pencils, crayons and markers.

  1. Take a tour of the school

Meet the teacher to ease your child’s separation anxiety, especially on the first day of school. If your child knows and likes their teacher, they will be less nervous. Also, let them meet some of their classmates so they would be able to meet new friends to get them ready and excited for school.

  1. Surprise your child’s teacher with a gift

Teachers are very busy and they invest time to guide and teach our children outside of our home.  Show them your appreciation by giving them gifts like Notepad & Pen Set and a Tumbler that they can use for the year.

  1. Set a bedtime schedule

A good night’s sleep allows our body and mind to rejuvenate and refresh, so it is very important that our children get at least 10 hours of sleep at night.

  1. Practice waking up early

Wake up early in the morning to get the family ready for school and to reduce stress and chaos in the morning.

  1. Start your child’s day with a great meal

 Prepare smoothies to ensure that your kids get plenty of fruit, protein, and calcium at the start of their day, and let your kids drink them through a tumbler-Insulated w/Straw so they will enjoy   a “milkshake” for breakfast!  Match them with muffins or pancake.

  1. Prepare your child’s school outfit for the whole week 

On Sunday afternoon, prepare your child’s school dress for the whole week to eliminate any type of struggles like “I don’t want to wear that!”

  1. Get your child’s annual checkup

It’s best to get your child’s annual checkup before school to ensure that they can stay healthy throughout the school year. Get any vaccinations or vitamins needed to boost their immune system.

  1. Create a homework space.

Designate a space where your kids can do their homework every day and make sure to make yourself available in case they need your help.

Preparation and planning will help you and your children go back to school smoothly and confidently.  You can still enjoy the rest of the summer breaks.

Are you and your children ready to go back to school?  Feel free to share your thoughts.