The Amazing Bible Series for Kids

The Amazing Bible Series for Kids

The Amazing Bible Series for Kids

Films and television series are a great tool to influence and educate our children in the right direction. Therefore, it is very crucial to choose and filter the kind of movies and series they are watching.

Here’s a series you and your children can watch together that brings hope and nourishment to our faith.

The Amazing Bible Series consists of 4 episodes, and each episode makes the Bible comes to life for kids through captivating songs and relevant stories. The Amazing Bible Series (Season 1) is a fully animated series filled with musical and visual entertainment that fascinate our kids to take a good look at the Beautiful book-The Bible.

Our kids will discover how God do miracles in a more fun and enjoyable way in the episode The Amazing Bible Series : Amazing Miracles.  In this episode, young kids will travel back in time to see the Bible’s most awesome miracles like the parting of the Red Sea (when Moses led Israelites out of  Egypt), the feeding of 5,000 men with five small loaves of bread and two small fish and many more exciting events.

Our little kids will really enjoy the exciting adventures of Doc Dickory, Rikki, Revver, and their friends as they learn that God is the God of wonders and miracles!  That even when things seem difficult and hopeless, there is hope in God—all things are possible to those who believe.

Rikki and Revver want to grow up as they are tired being kids in the episode- Amazing Bible Series: Amazing Children. However, when they learn from a couple of friends (Doc and Dewey) about the amazing children in the bible and what they did, they begin to appreciate being a kid.

Amazing Bible Series: Amazing Book is a fascinating tool to teach our children about the Bible, the world’s bestselling book. As Doc Dickory, Revver, Rikki and Dewey Decimole explore the Bible, our kids will learn about the history, books, stories and the people of the bible.  Your children will enjoy watching it; there are captivating songs that they will learn easily so they can sing along.

The Amazing Bible Series (Season 1) is great for young children 2-10 of age. This series will help nurture the faith and hope of our children and deepen their understanding of the Bible- God’s love, His works and miracles, and His promises.

Our little children are pure, vibrant and full of happiness.  Let’s train and empower them with the Bible teachings and principles so as they grow, they radiate dazzling light in this world of darkness and chaos.