A Daily Dose of Faith and Encouragement

A Daily Dose of Faith and Encouragement

A Daily Dose of Faith and Encouragement

To be mindful of God and His Words is one of our greatest tasks as Christians. We talk about God and His Words when we gather together at home, before we go to sleep at night and when we wake up in the morning. We talk about His promises and faithfulness with our friends and colleagues.  We diligently teach our children about God and His promises.

We try to build good spiritual practices, we whisper prayers, we memorize scriptures, we sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs—we want to fill every fiber of our being with faith, we want faith to be a second nature.

The Promise Box-Gods Word is one of the tools Christians have developed to help nurture and cultivate our faith. It’s a box filled with cards printed with Bible verses. The practice is enjoyable and the purpose is beneficial. Every day you draw a different card to read, mark, and meditate. As you pick a card, you wonder what message God has for you each day. It’s exciting, it’s just like unboxing a package from a loved one or opening a birthday present.

The Promise Box-Gods Word is a magnificent way to get a word from God every day to start your day or you need a word of encouragement.  You can read one each morning and start your day with a message from God. It’s a very nice box to place on a table at home or office and the cards are great nuggets for sustaining your spiritual growth.

The Promise Box-Gods Word is a small but precious gift idea for any occasion or to someone who might need lifting up.

The Promise Box-Gods Word is a perfect way to share God’s Word and a way to never forget God’s love and faithfulness.

It’s amazing to collect God’s Word in a handy and one location, you know where you can quickly go to refresh your heart and mind when the heat begins.  It’s in The Promise Box-Gods Word where you find comfort and peace.