Help Your Child Discover the Power of Prayer

Our little children are a gift from God.  As parents, it is our duties and responsibilities to provide their needs, but most especially to teach them good behavior.  And reading books and stories are a great way to bring out conversations and situations about real life that they can relate to.

Reading books with our children help us know what they think about the story and how would they handle the same situation. They will be able to relate to the character and help them see that they are not alone in their own battles.

Hannah: The Belle of Prayer is a great book to give to your children (girls) that teaches about the power of prayer.

In this book, your child will discover that God made her with special gifts, talents, and superhuman abilities. She will understand that God made her special and unique, a real hero.

In Book 1 Hannah: The Belle of Prayer, Rooney Cruz the main character of the Bible Belle series is a little girl who is struggling with some girls who aren’t very nice to her at school.  She goes through everyday struggles that any other girls can relate to.  In fact, one of them even throws a stone at her.

In this book, Rooney meets her guardian angel Mari who will be with her in the entire journey of the Bible Belle Series.  Rooney discovers the first superpower she has, the Power of Prayer. She makes a shocking discovery: superheroes are real, and she’s one of them!

Rooney and Mari travel back together to the bible through beautiful illustration into the story of Hannah.  Rooney learns that Hannah was married to a man with two wives.  Peninnah was the other wife who hurt and teased Hannah because she couldn’t have a baby which she wanted dearly.

Through the story, Rooney learns how Hannah used prayer to speak to God and shared with him the desires of her heart. Rooney learns the faithfulness of God by giving Hannah the desire of her heart, a baby which named Samuel.

Rooney learns the power of prayer that she can talk to God anytime about any situation she’s facing.  Just like Hannah, some girls tease her at school that makes her sad.  At the end of the story, Rooney learns to pray for the first time and ask God’s help with the girls at school that aren’t nice to her.

In this book, your child will learn the power of prayer that will make her realize that superheroes are real and she’s one of them. She has the powers to use anytime she needs them.

School bullying is one of the worst problems in our society.  Nevertheless, reading story books like Hannah: The Belle of Prayer will enlighten and empower our children as they grow.  The Power of Prayer helps fight against bullying.